Vliegtuigen (Aeroplanes), 1994
16 mm film loop, colour, sound, 7’55”
projector, loop system, projection table, speakers
approx. 240 x 320 cm
edition 3 + 1 AP
added: ProRes 422 HQ, aspect ratio 4:3

Note / For the exhibition ‘Ik & de Ander’ in the former Berlage stock exchange building in Amsterdam, the initiators Ine Gevers and Jeanne van Heeswijk asked participating artists to make a work that referred to the ‘I and the other’. Van Warmerdam decided to make a work in which no people are present, but instead to ‘react in the opposite direction’, as she herself put it. An aircraft seemed suitable to her, ‘… all the more so because it is actually full of people’.