Hidden works


Grote zak met man (Big bag with man), 1997

Grote zak met man (Big bag with man), 1997
screen print, paper, aluminium
70 x 50 cm
edition 50
publisher: Galerie van Gelder Editions, Amsterdam

Note / During the installation of the exhibition ‘Single, double, crosswise’ the paper Big bag was held aloft with outstretched arms by director Jan Debbaut to give an idea of the size of the sculpture. Van Warmerdam took a photograph of this, which she later made into a poster that was put up in the vicinity of the museum by fly-posters, and which she also made into an edition.

Hidden works


Klaar is Kees (Bob’s your uncle), 1995

Klaar is Kees (Bob’s your uncle), 1995
sticker in artist’s magazine ‘AP’, no. 1/1995
Ø 5 cm
edition 120
publisher: Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam

Note / In The Netherlands the first name Kees immediately conjures up the expression ‘Klaar is Kees’ (Bob’s your uncle), which is a succinct way of saying that the work is finished. For the first issue of Kees van Gelder’s magazine AP, Van Warmerdam made a sticker with the text ‘Klaar is Kees’, with the instructions to stick it on the last page of the magazine. The fact that there was never a second edition of the magazine gave the sticker a prophetic significance.

Exhibition views


La fille aux crêpes
Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1995
Solo exhibition