Sculpture and installation


Namen en namen (Names and names), 1996

Namen en namen (Names and names), 1996
sound, tape, recorder, perspex, motor
23 x 47 x 47 cm
limited edition; series of unique pieces + 1 AP
issued by Haus of Prints Multiples and Drawings, Antwerp

Note / Artist Jan Rothuizen once sent Van Warmerdam a cassette tape on which he had asked various people in the street to say the name ‘Marijke van Warmerdam’. She then made a loop of this recording and turned it into a sound sculpture. It is the first tape in this edition of unique works. In the subsequent tapes the name Van Warmerdam was replaced by that of the person who bought the work. 20 copies eventually came into circulation; the production of this unlimited edition was halted on 31 December 2001 in accordance with an agreement made with the publisher.

Hidden works


Vrroem (Vrroom), 1997

Vrroem (Vrroom), 1997
offset on paper
10 x 15 cm
unlimited edition
publisher: MuHKA, Antwerp

Note / For her solo exhibition ‘Vrroem’ in the MuHKA in Antwerp, Van Warmerdam presented a reaction to the comic book culture for which Belgium is renowned. Visitors were able to take a postcard home with them as a souvenir of the exhibition.