Sculpture and installation


Namen en namen (Names and names), 1996

Namen en namen (Names and names), 1996
sound, tape, recorder, perspex, motor
23 x 47 x 47 cm
limited edition; series of unique pieces + 1 AP
issued by Haus of Prints Multiples and Drawings, Antwerp

Note / Artist Jan Rothuizen once sent Van Warmerdam a cassette tape on which he had asked various people in the street to say the name ‘Marijke van Warmerdam’. She then made a loop of this recording and turned it into a sound sculpture. It is the first tape in this edition of unique works. In the subsequent tapes the name Van Warmerdam was replaced by that of the person who bought the work. 20 copies eventually came into circulation; the production of this unlimited edition was halted on 31 December 2001 in accordance with an agreement made with the publisher.

Hidden works


Wijnetiket (Wine label), 1996

Wijnetiket (Wine label), 1996
offset on paper
9 x 8 cm, 2 parts
edition 120
commissioned by S. Sijthoff and M. Doorman

Note / The owners of the vineyard Le Pigeonnier in Domaine de Fondrèche, situated just to the east of Mont Ventoux, have a tradition of inviting artists to make a label for their modest annual vintage. Van Warmerdam designed a label in two parts, which are stuck onto the front and back of the bottle. The idea of the blurred text and a tottering blue doll was to create a feeling of being drunk just by reading the label.

Hidden works


'92 t/m '96 ('92 to '96), 1996

’92 t/m ’96 (’92 to ’96), 1996
screen print, paper, aluminum
110 x 80 cm
edition 50
publisher: Wiener Secession, Vienna

Note / After the artist had made the final selection of works for her exhibition in the Wiener Secession, she noticed that her choice contained a work from every year between 1992 and 1995. Based on this fact she made a poster, but because the poster itself was also a work, the year 1996 was added as a new fact. The image of white dates on a black background created the suggestion of five consecutive frames of a film.

Hidden works


Insiders en outsiders (Insiders and outsiders), 1996

Insiders en outsiders (Insiders and outsiders), 1996
offset in book ‘Art Gallery Exhibiting’
edition 2.250
publisher: Paul Andriesse / De Balie, Amsterdam

Note / Van Warmerdam used a newspaper photograph in which two girls each hold up a banner for her contribution to a publication on the role of the gallery system in the art world. By removing the letter ‘T’, the initials of gallery owner and author Paul Andriesse appear.


Film and video


Chasing Colours, 1996

Chasing Colours, 1996
16 mm film loop, colour, 6’35”
projector, loop system, projection table
approx. 210 x 280 cm
edition 3 + 1 AP
added: ProRes 422 HQ, aspect ratio 4:3

Note / During rush hour the traffic on the highways around New York is frantic. Van Warmerdam noticed how the coloured backs of the trucks alternate as they overtake each other, in her words ‘like a moving Colour Field painting’. This became the point of departure for Chasing colours. The hired trucks in this film loop were painted orange and green as a tribute to the then director of the Centraal Museum Sjarel Ex, who had invited her to make an exhibition. Ex once said in an interview that orange and green were his favourite colours; a remark that, incidentally, he later said was meant to be ironic, referring to the World Cup football matches being played at the time.