Other works

Open tap, 1998
cybachrome on dibond
10 x 15 cm/12 x 18 cm/20 x 30 cm/26 x 40 cm/40 x 60 cm/
50 x 75 cm/60 x 90 cm/100 x 150 cm/10 x 15 cm
series of 8 unique pieces + 1 AP

Open tap, 1998
study – black and white photo, glass, frame
24,9 x 29 cm (10 x 15 cm)

Note / MvW: ‘Someone once told me that an eddy in the northern hemisphere spins in the opposite direction to one in the southern hemisphere. At home I saw the clockwise eddy in my washbasin in a different light. It was then that I made Open tap.’