Onderweg (On the way), 2009
35 mm film loop, aspect ratio 4:3, colour, 4’13”
projector, loop system
approx. 300 x 400 cm
edition 3 + 1 AP
added: ProRes 422 HQ, aspect ratio 16:9

Note / ‘An image is most attractive when it just looks normal, but conveys a sense that something’s not quite right,’ says Van Warmerdam

Onderweg – installatie (On the way – installation), 2009
installation with digital film loop, mobile French fries stand, light
52 inch LCD screen
cabin: 220 x 320 x 220 cm

Note / Van Warmerdam was invited by museum director Philip van den Bossche to make an outdoor piece for Beaufort 3, a triennial of contemporary art on the Belgian coast. She made the film Onderweg and installed it in a mobile snack bar. The self-explanatory nature of a Belgian fish and chips stand is counteracted on entering, when one unexpectedly sees a film of a boy on a bicycle, lost in thought.
MvW: ‘No chips with mayonnaise here, but a different kind of energy.’