My God, 2004
colour inkjet, gold leaf, varnish, paper, dibond
109 x 167 cm
edition 3 + 1 AP

My God, 2004
study – colour inkjet, gold leaf, varnish, paper, dibond
20,6 x 31,5 cm

Note / Carravaggio’s famous painting Sepulture of Santa Lucia, which hangs in the Regional Museum of Palazzo Bellomo in Syracuse, prompted Dumas and Van Warmerdam to make works on the legend of the martyr Santa Lucia. My God is one of the works Van Warmerdam made for their duo exhibition Con vista al celestiale in Syracuse. She thought that Lucia’s calling to God and God’s calling to Lucia could best be expressed with the aid of a Jacob’s ladder. MvW: ‘A Jacob’s ladder descends from heaven and God calls: “Luciaaaaa!” I placed her name in gold letters upside-down on the photo, in other words as seen through the eyes of God.’ The idea came to Van Warmerdam while she was studying seventeenth-century paintings.