Forever, 2000
colour photograph, perspex, aluminium
120 x 178 cm
edition 6 + 1 AP

Forever, 2000
colour photograph on dibond
100 x 147 cm
edition II AP

Forever, 2000
study – colour photograph, perspex, aluminium
20,6 x 31 cm

Note / For years Van Warmerdam had a large number of paper handkerchiefs printed with ‘Yes’, with which she intended to make something one day. When she was thinking about a photograph of a lace wedding dress, she constructed a sculpture with ‘Yes’, which took the place of her then husband. Her own face is obscured by the leaves. She added the bird’s house in the top right corner as an iconographic element, and the tree with its foliage as a repoussoir offers a vista of an unpredictable yet sunny perspective.