Echo – Swiss version, 1997
S-16 mm film loop, colour, sound, 3’32”
projector, loop system, projection table, CD, CD-player, speakers
approx. 200 x 334 cm
edition 3 + 1 AP

Note / For the ground floor of her exhibition ‘Bonjour, bon echo’ in the Centre d’Art Contemporain Fri-Art in Fribourg, Van Warmerdam invited a number of Swiss artists, whose combined (family-name) initials formed the word ‘Fri-Art’ and the street name ‘Petites Rames’. These were: Fleury, Rondinone, Ikemura, Armleder, Rütimann, Thomkins & Pozarek, Emch, Toblerone (not an artist, but a huge bar of chocolate), Ireland, Tinguely, Eigenheer, Schiess, Robert-Tissot, Anüll, Moser, Epars, and Schnider. For the first floor she made a film of a typical Swiss mountainside, at which Michel Ritter, director of the CAC, shouted the names of the Swiss artists, which then returned as an echo.