Douche (Shower), 1995
16 mm film loop, colour, 5’51”
projector, loop system, projection table
approx. 210 x 280 cm
edition 3 + 1 AP

Note / In addition to Handstand and Sprong, Van Warmerdam also wanted to make a new film for her contribution to the Venice Biennale. ‘During the humid days of the Venice Biennale, what could be better than cooling off under a shower?’ she wondered. In a radio interview Rudi Fuchs once asked her why she chose to film a man under the shower, to which she replied: ‘This is someone who is very good at showering.’
Shortly after the Biennale she was invited to make a work for NS Schiphol. This was Douche as a permanent installation: ‘A refreshing image for travellers who are sorely in need of it’, the artist comments. The film was reshot and the cinema projector placed in a container that was so dust-free that, to everyone’s surprise, the film could be screened for eight to ten months without changing the copy.