Aanloopplankje (Run-up board), 2008
oil paint on canvas panel
13 x 18 cm

Note / A small white monochrome canvas stands on a wooden shelf between two windows in the artist’s studio. MvW: ‘This is a white image that acts as a motivator for me. Even though it’s painted and seems finished, for me it’s not quite complete and I keep it that way intentionally. It is one of the first things I made when I moved into my new studio. The canvas provides a new thinking space. Sometimes, when I’m alert and really see the work, I have the feeling that I’m working in two spaces instead of just one. I project new works onto the run-up board and as they get closer to becoming an attractive image, I use it as a springboard to my studio where I take the first steps towards realizing a plan. I like to give the small canvas on the wooden shelf a push in this direction.’